hotelsrevealed.com aims to uncover those ‘hidden’, ‘top secret’ hotels on the sites like lastminute.com and priceline.com.

Typically, you can book a secret hotel at a great price (compared to the hotel’s official website) but the only problem is you don’t know what hotel you’re staying in until you pay for it up front.

You do get a brief description of the hotel, rough location and a star rating but if you’re heading to a big city like London with a hotel every 2 steps, it’s extremely difficult to guess what this secret hotel may be…


These hotels are often great value for money, but you don’t know what you’re getting until you book and pay for the hotel so there is always a risk associated with booking the hotel. We scour the web trying to piece together bits of information to uncover hidden hotels. We also get word from other people who have booked secret hotels and can confirm hotel names.

The whole idea behind hotelsrevealed.com is that we take the risk out of buying secret hotel packages as you know exactly what you’re booking and how good a deal it is BEFORE you pay for it, not after.

If you see an hotel entry on hotelsrevealed.com with this image on it;


It means that ‘secret’ hotel has been 100% confirmed.